Vivid-R 11" LED fixture
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Vivid-R is the color and intensity powerhouse in the Selador™ Series. Think oil paints - a luminaire with the kind of brilliant, bold saturated color that only LEDs can deliver. Vivid-R combines high-power Luxeon® Rebel LEDs and high-efficiency lenses for a strong, cutting beam of light and maximum color production. And with the low heat output of the Selador Series, you can have your colors blazing without ever overheating your talent. Vivid-R provides even higher light output than the original Vivid fixture -- while using less power! x7 Color System™ – seven color LEDs providing the broadest color spectrum in any LED fixture High brightness, intense color light with low power consumption Clear lenses for more direct, powerful beam -- longer throws The permanence of a 50,000 hour source LED lighting technology backed by ETC’s acclaimed technical service Note: The Luxeon K2 LED used in Selador’s original Vivid™ is being discontinued by its manufacturer. Color differences between the Vivid and the new Vivid-R are slight, noticeable only if fixtures are used side by side. Product Features Rugged all-metal extruded housing Luxeon Rebel 2.5W LED emitters Advanced thermal management for long LED life Superior control electronics for smooth low-end dimming ETL and CE listed IP 20 rated 0°C – 40°C ambient operating temperature Available in black Available in 11”, 21”, 42”, and 63” unit lengths 100V to 240V 50/60 Hz internal power supply DMX in and thru via 5-pin XLR connectors On-board fan control for quiet operation

  • Item #: SELVR11
  • Manufacturer: ETC

Vivid-R 11" LED fixture

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