Table top 2 in 1 Merger
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The DT221 MkII is a desktop or truss mounted DMX merger that combines 2 DMX sources into one single DMX source using either HTP, LTP or priority (DMX-A has priority unless it fails, then DMX-B is output). It is ideal for applications where two desks have to share the same DMX line (for example creating an automatic backup switchover between master and slave desks if the master desk fails), or if one desk is controlling lighting and a second desk communicating via RDM to devices on the same DMX line. All connections are on the rear, and the setup controls, comprising LED display and rotary/push encoder, are located on the front panel. The display shows 3 pages of information: DMX A and B status; merger mode; DMX offset (where one DMX input can be offset to control a separate sequential group of DMX devices). Features include: 2 DMX inputs merge to 1 DMX output Bi-directional Remote Device Management (RDM) compatible Truss mounted using M10 beneath, or desktop mounted All DMX/RDM outputs are boosted signals (connect up to 32 devices per output) Optocoupler isolation for input, full isolation available as option (FI option) Bi-colour LED confirms presence of viable DMX signal USB connection for firmware updates

  • Item #: ELC DT221/3
  • Manufacturer: ELC

Table top 2 in 1 Merger

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