Strong Super Trouper, Long Throw
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The Strong Xenon Super Trouper is a high-intensity follow spotlight suitable for trouping or fixed installation. This compact unit offers Super Trouper quality of light in a smaller package. The Short Throw model is efficient, yet matches the intensity of the Super Trouper at throws of 100' (30m) or less. Strong spotlights have excelled internationally and are asked for by name. Features "Cold" Metal Reflector, 5600° K Six-Color, Self Canceling Boomerang Single Handle Zoom Horizonal Masking Control Dimming Control Nichrome Steel Iris Hour Meter and DC Ampmeter Compact size.

This fixture is POA per the manufacturer.  Please call us at 800-942-0555 to get our best pricing.

  • Item #: STRO TROUP
  • Manufacturer: Strong

Strong Super Trouper, Long Throw

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