Strong Super Trouper II
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The Strong Super Trouper II fills a major void in the spotlight market by producing 10% more light in a structure that is 20% lighter and 25% smaller than comparable units. The heavy-duty construction of the Super Trouper II features a steadier beam, a completely new optical system, and controls that can be manipulated from either side Features "Cold" Metal Reflector, 5600°K Six-Color, Self-Cancelling Boomerang Horizonal Masking Control Dimming Control Nichrome Steel Iris Single handle zoom Right side or left side operation Electronic Status Panel Lamp "Shock Mount" system

This fixture is POA per the manufacturer.  Please call us at 800-942-0555 to get our best pricing.


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  • Item #: STRO TRII
  • Manufacturer: Strong

Strong Super Trouper II

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