Strong Canto 250HR System
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The Canto® 250HR produces flicker free output equal to 1000 watt halogen at a quarter of the power. This unit also features long lamp life (4000 hours), 3200° K. color temperature, and hot restrike capability. No cooling fan means quiet operation ideal for TV and studio applications. This followspot has a 8° to 22° variable beam angle, a large side handle to control pan and tilt movement, and a double microswitch interlock for safe bulb replacement. Also included are an external power supply unit, iris, dimmer, 28mm (1.1") spigot, and a 185 x 185mm (7¼ x 7¼") color frame. Features NEW Philips ST 250 HR ceramic light source Optical-Quality Glass Reflector Easy access lampholder Manual Dimming Control Nichrome Steel Iris Five-Color, Self-Cancelling Boomerang Zoom Lens System


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  • Item #: STRO CAN250
  • Manufacturer: Strong

Strong Canto 250HR System

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