ARAMIS 2500W HMI Followspot
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208V 2500W HMI Discharge 90'-250' Throw Followspot with Hot Restrike, High Performance Quartz Condenser Optical System, 4.5° to 8° Zoom Range, 100% Closing Iris Cassette,100% Closing Mechanical Dimmer, Boomerang Color Changer, Frosted Glass on Flip Lever, Correction Filter on Flip Lever, Internal Counterweight, Heavy Duty Adjustable Yoke, Magnetic Power Supply, and includes: Tool Kit with Spare Parts, “B” Size Gobo Holder on Slide Changer, Power Cable and GT4000 Tripod Stand.


This fixture is POA per the manufacturer.  Please call us at 800-942-0555 to get our best pricing.

  • Item #: FPR1013013/WS
  • Manufacturer: Robert Juliat

ARAMIS 2500W HMI Followspot

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